Remove Odoo Support from Odoo chat

Today I’ll learn you how to remove the ‘Odoo Support’ user from the Odoo chat. Most of us do not want this to show up in our list of people to chat with and especially not when you’re selling Odoo to customers.
Originally in Odoo you will get this:

So how do you remove this user?
1. Go to your addons folder and search for the addon im_odoo_support. Open this folder up, you’ll now see this structure:

2. Open up the folder views and then open the XML file im_odoo_support.xml. In this file you can directly see that there is a function and it looks to Odoo Support. So go ahead and comment this block out, like this:

2. Go to im_odoo_support/static/src/xml/ and open the file im_odoo_support.xml. You’ll see an li class here for Odoo Support too. Comment it out like this:

3. Now restart your Odoo server and update your module. You can do it with this command:
./ -u im_odoo_support
4. Open Odoo in your browser and you’ll see there is no more ‘Odoo Support’ user in the list!

Tutorial sponsored by Oocademy

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