Change invoice numbering in Odoo 8

Today’s tutorial will explain you how to easily change both the name and the numbering for an invoice.

1. Go to Settings > Configuration > Accounting.
You’ll get a view that looks like this:
Default accounting setup

2. Now edit the ‘Next Invoice number’ and ‘Next credit note number’ to your likings.
If you want for example a custom name in front of it you can do name/(%year)s/ this will give you the invoice name name/2014/
The second field is your sequence, this means from where on you want to start your numbering. If you want to start it from 100 you set it to 100. You can do exactly the same for your credit note number, or give it another name.
For example:
New settings

3. Now make a new invoice and save it. You’ll see the name has changed!
Custom name invoice

Tip: do you want to go further and also modify the number steps etc? Go to settings > Sequences & Identifiers > Sequences and open the record ‘Sales Order’.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your post. We are trying to find in Odoo 9.0 the section where we have to make the changes to the invoice set up but we can´t find it under the Accounting & Finance app. Is it only available for enterprise odoo??

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