Configure incoming mailservers

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In this tutorial I will explain you how to configure an incoming mail server with Gmail.
Configuring incoming mail servers in Odoo is one of the most simple things there are, you just need to know what exactly you should fill in.

First go to Settings > Email > Incoming Mail servers and click on Create.
You will get a new window looking like this:
Sample empty email server
Let’s go over the fields:

  • Name: A name that you can choose, take something that clearly lets you know which email server this is.
  • Server Type: You can choose for POP, IMAP and local here. POP is the mostly used one and is used for getting emails from the server to a client.
  • Server Name: The name for the server. Usually you can find this with a simple Google search.
  • Port: The port where the server (e-mail) listens too.
  • SSL/TLS: Check this is you want to encrypt messages with SSL/TLS.
  • Username: The e-mailadress which you want to fetch e-mails from.
  • Password: The password for your e-mailaddress.

For Gmail it will look like this:
Configured incoming mailserver

Now save the record and from now on Odoo will fetch all your e-mails in to Odoo.
TIP: by default the time that Odoo fetches e-mails from your e-mail is every 1 hour. If you wish to modify this you should go to Settings > Automation > Scheduled Actions and open up the record ‘Email Queue Manager’. Modify the time to your likings.. For example every 2 minutes:
Fetch mail every 2 minutes

For more information check out this Wikipedia article about mailservers.

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Change invoice numbering in Odoo 8

Today’s tutorial will explain you how to easily change both the name and the numbering for an invoice.

1. Go to Settings > Configuration > Accounting.
You’ll get a view that looks like this:
Default accounting setup

2. Now edit the ‘Next Invoice number’ and ‘Next credit note number’ to your likings.
If you want for example a custom name in front of it you can do name/(%year)s/ this will give you the invoice name name/2014/
The second field is your sequence, this means from where on you want to start your numbering. If you want to start it from 100 you set it to 100. You can do exactly the same for your credit note number, or give it another name.
For example:
New settings

3. Now make a new invoice and save it. You’ll see the name has changed!
Custom name invoice

Tip: do you want to go further and also modify the number steps etc? Go to settings > Sequences & Identifiers > Sequences and open the record ‘Sales Order’.

Tutorial sponsored by Oocademy