Introducing Oocademy: better Odoo e-learning for you

As you’ve probably already noticed it has been quite a while that I’ve published a new tutorial here. Ever since I’ve started writing tutorials here I had one goal. Share as much knowledge as possible in an easy to access way that everybody understands. No matter their knowledge. After a few years on this blog I noticed that this blog wasn’t cutting it anymore though. I started missing some features that became harder to ignore as time went by.

Why I started building an e-learning platform

Oocademy: Odoo e-learning wallpaper

Because of this I’ve decided to build an e-learning platform on my own: Oocademy. Oocademy is the tool that I’ve always wished that existed to help others and enables the missing features that I missed:

  • Manage versioned tutorials/documentation as code usually changes on another Odoo version.
  • Quick linking & smarter logic to find related content.
  • Advanced search options for users so they can find content fast(er).
  • The ability to write documentation and apps along with the tutorials.
  • The ability to create exams and certificates so that developers can test their Odoo knowledge
  • Keeping wishlists of all the content and keeping track of the progress of reading content.
  • Many other, smaller, things.

Five years after I started writing tutorials on this blog I still have the same opinion about the Odoo world. There is far too little good content for developers to learn from. The official Odoo documentation only highlights some major functionalities, it is pretty outdated and contains very little examples. In the meanwhile some content has showed up but the speed in which content is being added is still too slow, not to mention the quality of it.

This is where Oocademy comes in. It is built to help you find the content that you need. A few months ago I’ve started writing tutorials, documentation and apps specifically for Odoo 13 and here I am today to announce the launch. At this point I’ve published 43 tutorials, 19 documentation pages, 37 apps and two exams and most of the content is specifically written for V13!

Accessing Oocademy

So, how does it work? On Oocademy every tutorial, documentation page, app or exam is either free, behind a login or premium content: Oocademy: preview of tutorials overview

If the content is free you can read all of it without needing any membership or login. When it is freemium you can access it for free and you just need to register (which takes just 10 seconds and can be done from the Oocademy homepage). If it is premium content you’ll need to buy membership. To celebrate the launch of Odoo 13 and all the content for V13 on Oocademy I’m giving huge discounts though. The first 100 new users can buy premium membership starting from โ‚ฌ10 a month.

Now I bet you’re wondering why isn’t all of the content free? Of course I wanted to keep it all free but creating a whole e-learning platform and writing all this content takes a lot of time. Just to give you an idea: I’ve invested +- 600 hours in this project (75 working days!) to get to this point. The fact is that any bigger platform needs to have a paid tier to make it grow and to be able to maintain it well. If I just get 200 premium users a month I can put at least two extra days of work into Oocademy, every single week.

If you don’t want – or can’t – pay you can register for free too though! Just fill in your email, name and password and you can start reading content within seconds.

What is the roadmap?

And this brings us to the roadmap ofcourse. I still have a whole lot planned for Oocademy in the future. The most important part is more content. The goal is to create tutorials, apps and documentation for every functionality in Odoo. Besides of the content I want to add quite some extra features:

  • Code generators to create dynamic pieces of code for the main Odoo functionalities. Examples are QWeb reports, domain builders, menuitems, …
  • Webinars / tutorials written by specialists in that specific domain. For example a tutorial about workers written by Olivier Odony.
  • Training courses: a chapter-like tutorial which explains a bigger functionality part by part. For example how to create webpages with controllers and custom search filters.
  • A secret project that will stay a secret for now. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Please post them in the comments! ๐Ÿ™‚


I really hope to see you on Oocademy and most importantly that it helps you grow! All the tutorials that are written here will stay available and for free, forever. Gradually I’ll also update all these tutorials on Oocademy so that they’re up to date and working for a specific version.

Oh and as Odoo V13 is being released.. check out our newest tutorial about how to install Odoo 13!

Let us work on an Odoo community that has better content for both new and experienced developers. Our community deserves this.

Yenthe Van Ginneken
CEO & Founder of Oocademy