Configure incoming mailservers

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In this tutorial I will explain you how to configure an incoming mail server with Gmail.
Configuring incoming mail servers in Odoo is one of the most simple things there are, you just need to know what exactly you should fill in.

First go to Settings > Email > Incoming Mail servers and click on Create.
You will get a new window looking like this:
Sample empty email server
Let’s go over the fields:

  • Name: A name that you can choose, take something that clearly lets you know which email server this is.
  • Server Type: You can choose for POP, IMAP and local here. POP is the mostly used one and is used for getting emails from the server to a client.
  • Server Name: The name for the server. Usually you can find this with a simple Google search.
  • Port: The port where the server (e-mail) listens too.
  • SSL/TLS: Check this is you want to encrypt messages with SSL/TLS.
  • Username: The e-mailadress which you want to fetch e-mails from.
  • Password: The password for your e-mailaddress.

For Gmail it will look like this:
Configured incoming mailserver

Now save the record and from now on Odoo will fetch all your e-mails in to Odoo.
TIP: by default the time that Odoo fetches e-mails from your e-mail is every 1 hour. If you wish to modify this you should go to Settings > Automation > Scheduled Actions and open up the record ‘Email Queue Manager’. Modify the time to your likings.. For example every 2 minutes:
Fetch mail every 2 minutes

For more information check out this Wikipedia article about mailservers.

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5 thoughts on “Configure incoming mailservers

  1. German Acosta says:

    #Yenthe I was breaking my head and this configurations to fix the wkhtmtopdf styles messed up the outgoing and incoming mails

    web.base.url to have the value
    web.base.url.freeze and as value True.
    report.url and as value

    So be aware and dont use this configurations because it will break incoming and outgoing emails

  2. west1982 says:

    Hi there i somewhat was able to use Gmail for this setup. its fine but – would you advise on another provider for mailing? i mean linked to odoo. Paid or not.

    (I think gmail servers has some limitations per day, thats why i need something else)

    I just need to see whats availlable.

    That woulb be great help

    • Yenthe666 says:

      Hi west1982,

      The limits from the Google Gmail are really high, I believe you can make 100.000 or 1.000.0000 requests a day. I can’t imagine that you need more? Either way if you want to you can change to any provider you’d like.

  3. krushndevsinh jadeja says:

    switch on Less Secure Apps [] from your google account that is set up as your incoming mail server in your odoo server and fire command “sudo service odoo-server restart” afterwards.

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